https://domarco.com/qr6n86cxu This site is made to help Pakistani Foreign Medical Students and Graduates, who are doing, or have completed, their M.B.B.S./M.D or any Medical Degree from abroad. Our goal is to provide information regarding their practical life. Moreover they can ask questions (through contact us page), regarding any problems they are facing (e.g. Where should I do my internship, what are the Subjects to prepare, on which subjects I can stress more than the others. …….etc)


Order Xanax Legally Online Medical students from many countries come to Pakistan to do their Final Year Internship in hospitals, but they do face a lot of difficulties finding appropriate hospitals for their Internship. Due to lack of information, a part of their precious time gets wasted finding hospitals which are offering Internship, as not all of the hospitals do offer it. Before coming to Pakistan, many students think that its simple to do Internship here. But actually it needs a hard work, and patience to gain clinical knowledge. See  Current Students Info for more information.

Medical Graduates also have questions about what is the next step after arriving Pakistan, in order to start their Practice/House Job. The first main issue is to get themselves registered with PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council), which deals with all the medical graduates, and it issues License for Medical practice. Medical practice is considered to be illegal without having license from PMDC. See Graduates Info for more information.


Click here to see total doctors registered in Pakistan.

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Pakistani Foreign Medical Students and Graduates

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