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How to Prepare for PMDC Exam

HOW TO PREPARE FOR THEORY EXAM First of all, the main component which helps you in the theory exam is your previous concepts and knowledge, and the most important thing is the concepts about how the things are and how every thing in your body is working. Well, you have acquired those concepts in your study years, but now you have to polish those concepts so that you could be able to justify your point. Its because if you don’t know about a thing, how could you solve its MCQ.

Well, DO NOT Worry at all for that, you must be nervous for the exam and the stress or nervousness makes you forget the things you possess in your mind. At first, GET RID of this nervousness and “examination fever”, the necessary step for your exam preparation, otherwise you couldnt prepare for it well. FOR INTERNEES (Those doing internships in their final year) I would recommend to those students who are in final year of their MBBS, doing internship, that they should start preparing for the PMDC Exam right from the internship. Its the best time, when you visit wards and see patients, the many patients you see, the more you learn. The BEST thing to do is when you see a patient, study that case from your book, its anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pathology, pharmacology etc, whatever is related to that case. I used to consult CMDT (Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment) , but I don’t recommend that for all students because that is for the doctors (Physicians / Specialists etc). But yes you can study that, I am not restricting any one, its one’s own choice, I just gave my example. I like CMDT because it has a brief summary at the start of any disease, its anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, whatever is necessarily related to that disease. The internees should have BEDSIDE TECHNIQUES to get sound knowledge about approach to a patient and how to examine the patient, POCKET OXFORD MEDICINE HANDBOOK during Medicine rotation, and CHURCHILL’s POCKET BOOK OF SURGERY during Surgery rotation, PEDIATRICS by Prof. Kundi during Pediatrics rotation, and Gyne/Obs by Ten Teachers during Gyne rotation. These are the books which are enough for internees to have a good knowledge in respective subjects.

Ambien 10Mg Buy Online NOTE: I am not Restricting any one to use these books, one have his/her own choice and he/she may follow the study guidelines by the seniors.

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You must revise your university lectures too, because they give you a good review in brief and they are to the point, and having important points. You must not miss them during your preparation.

A final advice to the internees: Always study the case you have seen in the ward, discuss with your seniors and clear all the concepts about it. At last, I must say that you must get used to the way of approaching the patient, that is how to get started assessing a patient, I think you should have that much knowledge on how to start with a patient. FOR GRADUATES: Well, the advices for the graduates are not so many, as the preparation time for PMDC Exam is less for the graduates. You should revise your university lectures of respective subjects as many as possible, they would be much helpful for your revision. The university lectures, as I think, should be the first priority. Then, you should get any MCQs book for graduates, having almost all subjects of PMDC Exam, like MURAD MCQs, AZEEM SHEIKH MCQs, but these are not compiled for the PMDC Exam preparation, but for FCPS exams. Stress more on basics and basic clinical knowledge, there won’t be any questions asking you pathology or treatment of any disease in much detail. PMDC Exam is to assess if you have a good basic knowledge about common diseases and management. They wont ask you questions of specialist concerns, but you must have a knowledge so that you can justify your point. That’s the key point. Remember, you must take the very first PMDC Exam after your graduation, because the fresher you are the easier for you to pass the exam. DO NOT think that you would fail in first attempt and you must have to spend some months for its preparation. DO NOT worry at all about failure, if you couldn’t pass in the first attempt, at least you get the experience of the exam and you would get passed in the second attempt. Just go for the first attempt as soon as possible. The more you delay, the more you would vanish off your concepts and knowledge and the more you have to prepare. I would recommend you to take the very first PMDC Exam after your graduation. Always consult your seniors from your university and where you have done your internship, if they could guide you in better way.

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Ambien Buy The most important thing: Pray to ALLAH for you success, He is the most Beneficial, the most Merciful.

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Well, this part is not that tough as compared to the theory exam, but you have to prepare for it as well. Do stress on APPROACH TO THE PATIENT, how to get to the patient, introduce yourself, take consent, take history and inform the patient before touching him/her for physical examination. These are the key points which examiner notes when he/she gives you command for any physical examination of a patient. Remember, DO NOT hesitate anywhere. Do as if you are confident about what you are doing. You MUST study “BEDSIDE TECHNIQUES” (a book) for practical exam, and remember all the key points in there. Do more and more physical examinations on different patients, but be POLITE to the patients. You must know what you are doing and what is the proper way of doing it, and always do proper examinations. DO NOT take shortcuts. Practice the PMDC past papers available. Study all the common diseases, not in that much detail, but make yourself prepared for justification of any condition you see in a patient.

Get used to the instruments used in surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gyne/Obs etc.

Order Zolpidem Uk You can get help on physical examination by these videos on PE.

NOTE: I might have missed any important point here, as I am not an expert about these exams and the things I wrote originated from my own experience, and I published them with the hope that one could get some benefit out of it, so DO NOT take this article as a FINAL ADVICE for PMDC Exam preparation. You have your own choice about how you prepare for the exam. If you consider the above mentioned things beneficial, then adopt them, otherwise please e-mail me giving your suggestions.

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