How to Solve MCQs (Single Choice)

For every MCQ question on the test you have 2 options

Solve the problem directly.
The Process of elimination.

Let’s discuss the first option. In general, solving the problem might always be faster than the process of elimination.

If you are not so comfortable with the topic or the question then choosing elimination will be the best choice.

There are many of those IITIANS which I know have cleared the IIITJEE just by solving problems using elimination technique and sometimes they even use it to increase their ranks in IITJEE.

Solving the Problem.

Solving the problem is the most straightforward ways to reach your answer as long as you feel comfortable with the lesson or the subject being tested.

It’s mainly a two step process Read the question but don’t look at the answer. Try to understand the question. Rephrase it if you don’t understand the question and then devise a concrete plan to solve it. Solve the problem.

Once you solve the problem –only then see if your answer is listed among the answer choices. We can’t stress enough that if you are trying to solve the problem directly, you should avoid looking at the answer choices until the end.

Since trap answers are often the values you would get at the halfway point of the process of working out the problem if you peek at the choices you may get tricked into thinking you have solved the question before you actually have.

The Technique of Elimination:

On every MCQ there are options in which one is hidden. So you need to check each option which one works. On certain occasions working backwards could actually be the faster method then just solving the problem directly.

Do work backward when the question describes an equation of some sort and answer choices are all rather simple numbers Don’t work backwards when dealing with answer choices that contain variables or complicated fractions.

This technique can only be mastered by regular practice. Whenever you solve an MCQ at home always try out solving it using the elimination process only after solving it in subjective manner.

But don’t forget “ Concept Is The King” if you want to clear.

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