MCPS Information

WHAT IS MCPS? Its is Member of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan.

College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan is a firm responsible for the registration of Postgraduate Doctors of Pakistan. It makes rules, enrolls doctors and conducts exams for the Post graduation in Pakistan. Currently, CPSP is registering for FCPSI, II and MCPS. CPSP also enrolls foreign qualified doctors.


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Zolpidem Uk Online The MCPS examination comprises of Theory (two essay type papers) Clinical and viva voce

Order Ambien Uk Only those candidates who qualify in theory will be called for clinical and viva examination. THE COLLEGE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ALTER/AMEND ANY RULES/REGULATIONS. Any decision taken by the College on the interpretation of these regulations will be binding on the applicant.

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE The MCPS theory examination is held twice a year in months of MARCH and SEPTEMBER.

MCPS Examination Schedule Notification

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