Public Notice About New Medical Students

Students with less than 60% marks in F.Sc or equivalent are not eligible for medical/dental education.

The Council shall not register any such individual as medical/dental student and shall not register him/her as registered medical/dental practitioner irrespective of that he/she is a medical/dental graduate of Pakistani or foreign medical/dental institution.

So students with less than 60% marks are advised in their own interest to refrain from pursuing medical/dental education and from seeking admission in any Pakistani or Foreign medical or dental institution as they will not be given any kind of registration with PM&DC with effect from 2007 (admission year).

All medical/dental institutions run Pakistan are directed not to give admission to any student with less than 60% marks in F.Sc or equivalent from year 2007 onward.

Dr. Ahmad Nadeem Akbar,

Registrar/Secretary `

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council

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Pakistani Foreign Medical Students and Graduates