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About Internship for Medical Students in Pakistan

If you are final year student and will be coming soon to Pakistan for Hospital Internship then its the time to get information about the nearest hospitals in and around your area (if you are still at your university, but if you already arrived Pakistan then you have no time to waste). Its important to get information about the hospitals earlier, and don’t think that you would get information after arriving Pakistan, because the time is short. Just choose some hospitals in or around your area which are good teaching hospitals, as this is the most important phase of your five years study. As you arrive Pakistan, don’t waste much of your precious time, and get busy contacting hospitals. Usually you will have to ask permission for your internship from the MS (Medical Superintendent) of the hospital. You will have to provide photocopy of the letter for Internship, from your university along with the application. Sometimes they may ask you to provide a CV (Resume) and attested photocopies of mark sheets of previous years. Look for the hospitals who has teaching experience to the internees, or have teaching plan for internees. If you can’t find a hospital with any teaching plan for internees, but different batches of internees have been trained, then you can join that hospital without any hesitation. Always seek guidance from your university’s senior guys, otherwise you would find it difficult to choose any hospital and apply for internship. Buy Generic Ambien Canada Try to start with the General Medicine department, going to the surgery, pediatrics, gynecology and then to the minor areas. Its better to get divided into small groups of 3-5 people per group. Try to complete the essential cases given in your practical log book and then doing with the extra stuff. Don’t hesitate to ask your seniors about any problem, and make a friendly environment with them. Most important is to Abide by the rules and regulations of the hospital.

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List of Teaching Hospitals

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